French Native
English Fluent (Toeic : 815)
Spanish Medium level
Japanese Basics
Data Processing
Operating Systems WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX
Programming Advanced level on Matlab, C/C++
Objective-C, Visual Basic, C#, Java et Fortran 77
Programming in Basic since I am 13 years old.
Other Formal computation (Maple, Mathematica),
Office software (LateX, Office),
Modeling (UML),
Network (Capable de gérer le réseau d'un laboratoire),
Data base (Access, SQL),
Website designing (HTML, PHP, Flash, Drupal),
Automatism (LabVIEW)
Art Piano
Drama improvisation (member of admistrative council of La Lila)
Sports Social dance, roller
Last updated: 28th of October 2010
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