Work experiences
Oct. 2008-Today. Lecturer
Faculté libre de médecine (Lille - France)
Jan. 2008-Today. Teaching activity:
  • Lecture: statistics and web technology
  • Practical sessions: Matlab, instrumentation, data mining and website creation.
  • Various project managing:
Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur (Lille)
Oct. 2005-Sept. 2008 PhD Thesis: Artifact filtering with muticomponent analysis of electroencephalogram of epileptic patient.
Graduated the 03 july 2008

Directors : Christian Vasseur et Laurent Peyrodie
Jury : François Cabestaing, Arnaud Delorme, Philippe Gallois,
Jacques Martinerie, Christian Jutten, Alain Rakatomamonjy.

- Département Energétique Electricité et Automatique (EEA) (Lille) and LAGIS (UMR CNRS 8146) in collaboration with the St Vincent and St Philibert hosipitals.
Oct. 2004-Aug. 2005 Master thesis on the multimodal MRI registration and the creation of a statistical model to localize brain functional areas thanks to injured patient images.
Rouen Hospital center in collaboration with the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital center.
June - Oct. 2004 Design and development of software to manage a wireless electrode system.
Digestive physiology laboratory of Broussais Hospital (Paris).
July - August 2003 Design and development of a spatio-temporal image area detection (Matlab and Visual C++).
Digestive physiology laboratory of Broussais Hospital (Paris).
July 2001 Design and development of a website for the painter Michèle Ratel.


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